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Sunset in Oia, Santorini

Santoini Oia

There are a lot of things that are unforgettable about Santorini. It is the kind of island that sticks with you for a while after you leave. Who could forget an island that legend holds is in fact the lost island of Atlantis? Honestly, who could forget that? Santorini was originally named Strongyli because of its shape (Strongyli means round in Greek). It is also known as Thera, named so by the Dorians when they settled there in the 8th century BC. As for the name Santorini, it originates from the Latin Santa Irini and it has been the name of the island since the 11th century.

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Oia, Santorini

Sunset in Santorini!

Santorini Sunset

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Arriving at Fira Santorini

When we arrived at Fira, we started strolling in the streets of the town. These narrow cobblestone lanes were full of shops selling souvenirs and amazing lava made staff like jewllery with black or red volcanic stones. I was excited by the sculptures and the objects made of black lava such as ashtrays, statues, photo frames, plates, candlesticks etc.

Fira street Santorini

Far from that, our eye was definitely attracted by the architectural style of Fira and of course by the view to the caldera which was even from spectacular from the top of the cliff.

Fira - view to the caldera

Fira street and caldera view

As it was getting dark, we thought that we should keep exploring the city and when it would be dark enough we could sit at a traditional café in order to taste traditional snacks and drinks. However, while walking along the streets with the souvenir shops, the owners used to offer us traditional wine and some finger food to taste. We all bought some bottles of Visanto which is a local wine of Santorini and it has been awarded several times in the past as we were told by a local seller. At the same time, a paradise of clothing and shoes were waiting for buyers!

Shopping in Fira

Fira streets at night