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Oia, Santorini


Sunset in Santorini!

Santorini Sunset

Santorini at Facebook

Santorini cable car to Fira

The ticket to Fira cost 4 euros (one way) and after having purchased it we went to the point in order to get into the square shaped cabins that hung from a cable!

The cable car arriving at its station

The cable car arriving at its station

They were literally hanging so if we made any movement it would move as well! The cliff view from the cable car as it was going higher was just breathtaking. It was exciting, surprisingly wild and unique. Had we chosen the donkeys we would have never seen this magnificent view! Actually we were thinking the donkey on our way back but it was dark and the road was not well lightened so we avoided this option which might result in an adventure…

On th eway to Fira, by the cable car

Caldera view from the cable car

Arriving at Santorini port

The captain of the boat was a polite man who kindly helped us to disembark at the port from where we directed straight to the cable car that would transfer us to Fira town. Alternatively, we could go there on the donkeys that transfer people from the port to Fira on their back. Well, it would be funny but we preferred to save time as the cable car would take 3 minutes to arrive on the top of the cliff.

As most of the cruisers had also chosen the option of the cable car, a queue had been created at the ticket kiosk so we had to wait patiently for our turn. We took advantage of our waiting for taking some extra photos of the port and the cliff as well as of the cave houses that had been nestled in the cliff just over the port.

Disembarkation at the port of Santorini

Cave houses in the cliff of Santorini

At the queue for the cable car

Embarrassed by the caldera of Santorini

We could not help ourselves from staring at the caldera. We were told that disembarkation would be carried out by the use of small boats that would transfer us to the small port where there was not enough space for the ship.

Disembarkation from Cristal ship to the small boats

Fortunately, our group leader told us to stay on the upper deck by the time she would announce that our turn for embarking on the bought had come. So, we had enough time to take photos of every single corner of the caldera and fill our own brain with the most impressive natural pictures!

Santorini caldera

Some minutes later, we were asked to go to the specified deck from where we would embark to the boat that was waiting for us. Assisted by the ship and the boat crew, we entered the small boat, looking forward to arriving at the port of Santorini.

In the boats that transferred the cruisers to the posrt of Santorini