Last cruise evening: Santorini

After a long walk in the neighborhoods of Fira during which we took innumerous photos of the picturesque streets and the caldera of Santorini, and after having tasted some local snacks and of course the deep red sweet Visanto wine, we were exhausted enough to look for a place to sit for a while.

Fira Santorini

Fira neighborhoods

Fira caldera view

Actually, it was the last night of our cruise, the last evening we would spend altogether so we needed entertainment and endless laughing before saying goodbye…

We entered the yard of a small traditional café and ordered a bottle of Visanto. A fresh air cooled us and the smell of the sea gave as a sense of the greek summer which lasts for more than 4 months! We could see the streets lightened under the dark sky which was dotted by the stars that surrounded a huge full moon. It was an idyllic scenery, romantic and imposing. It was the best way to end our cruise, relaxed and totally charmed by its beauty. Our last toast, as we were to drink the last drops of the Visanto, was a promise for one more cruise in the future with our old friends. We all agreed that we would do it again!  Then, we directed to cable car station in order to descent to the port and then sail back to Cristal ship.


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